Central West Short Play Festival

Central West Short Play Festival Founder / Artistic Director / Co-ordinator / Mentor (since February 2011)

Organising & coordinating playwriting and directing workshops for the community. Overseeing all performances, technically and artistically, to maximise the quality of the work while supporting (and sometime mentoring) directors as well as other creatives in the projects.


2018 – One year Residency Program with 10 participants as a part of the Local Stages @ BMEC program (supported by Regional Arts NSW through CASP funding).

2017 – Mentorship of two emerging regional writers and directors as a part of the Local Stages @ BMEC program.

2015 – SnapShorts regional touring production of locally written and directed work as a part of the Local Stages @ BMEC program.

2014 – Supporting short play seasons around Central West NSW with development workshops and technical support (our partners Local Stages @ BMEC, Orana Arts, Arts Out West, Kalari-Lachlan River Arts Festival, Bathurst Theatre Company, Mudgee Performing Arts Society, Western Plains Theatre Company.

2013 – Writing workshops and touring short plays around the Central West developed for the inaugural shorts season in Bathurst.

2012 – Regular writing and directing workshops (supported by Regional Arts NSW through CASP funding).

Earlier Collaborations

Other collaborations have included;

Kim Deacon’s Home Sweet Home – the Women of Lawson’s Life (Independent music and multimedia touring theatre production 2015/16) Technical direction, operation and documentation.

 Kalari Lachlan River Arts Festival (Forbes 2015) Liaising with the community and Council to create a large biennial community festival. Focused mostly on gathering and planning and implementation of all the infrastructure within budget, event lighting design, mentorship for programming and general festival organisation.

Snapshorts (touring production of local short plays to Bathurst, Mudgee and Dubbo, 2015) Artistic direction and Tour co-ordination. Below is one of the 9 plays that toured with Snapshorts;

Clique (youth physical theatre and dance project in Bathurst and Cowra, 2014) Production management, Technical design and operation.



The Death of Kings (Sydney – Mardi Gras, Bathurst – Mardi Gras Outreach program, Melbourne – World HIV Conference, 2014) Technical direction and operation.